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This bilingual fish card encompasses both the United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands including the islands of St. Thomas St. John and St. Croix of the U.S. side and the islands of Tortola Virgin Gorda Anagada Jost Van Dyke Norman Island Peter Islands Salt Island Cooper Island and Ginger Island on the British side. I love this fish card because I love these fabulous islands. The U.S. Virgin Islands are much more populated than the British Virgin Islands but for all kinds of reasons they are equally attractive. Each island is notable not only for fantastic tropical Caribbean scenery above water but the underwater scene is superb as well. Overall this is one of earths most fantastic and diverse areas to dive or snorkel. On St. John there are gorgeous turquoise bays for easy wonderful snorkeling in such nice spots as Hawksnest Bay Cinnamon Bay and the most famous Trunk Bay. These are all within St. Johns Virgin Islands National Park. The there are St. Thomas equally beautiful beaches such as Magens Bay which is often rated one of the worlds 10 most beautiful beaches. Snorkelers and fellow ocean lovers also enjoy Coki Beach. On St. Thomas south side the incredibly beautiful and busy port of Charlotte Amalie is the home of many snorkeling tours for the legions of tour boats that take groups of divers and snorkelers out to Buck Island where the novice snorkeler is usually treated to a nice view of underwater reef life including both the green sea turtle (Tortuga Verde) and the hawkbill Turtle (Tortuda de Carey). Probably only the sighting of dolphins which is much less common is more exciting than seeing sea turtles for cruise ship passengers who are being shown the colorful reefs for their first time. This is one of my favorite fish cards because it is all about one of the worlds greatest collection of islands and their underwater beauty. No island on earth has more spectacular underwater sites than St. Croix. The north side of St. Croix has famous wall diving at its best. Divers may start in relatively shallow waters but the drop-off goes straight down down down to Davy Jones locker thousands of feet deep where no diver can venture. Just looking downward into the deep blue abyss is a thrill but to be amongst colorful corals bright sponges of all shapes and a myriad of reef fishes in just simply too amazing to tell in a few words. Hopefully the fish depicted on this Virgin Islands fish card will help to inspire the diver or snorkeler to remember it for ever. Note that this fish card has the names of the reef creatures in English and Spanish. There are so many Spanish speaking residents and visitors to the U.S. Virgin Islands that it is only right that this fish card be bilingual.


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