Two Harbors Catalina Reef Creatures Guide (fish card)

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Frankos Map of Two Harbors which is virtually the same map of Two Harbors that also appears on side 2 of Frankos Map of Santa Catalina Island. Two Harbors has long been a favorite destination for diving and other forms of fun for Franko and family. It has been the site of Frankos Annual Two Harbors Jugglers Jam where dozens of juggling friend get together. The area is show in beautiful green hues of shaded relief with topo lines for the hikers. Every important place in town is mentioned and located on the map as is the route to the campground. Numerous local dive sites include Bird Rock Ship Rock Eagle Reef Little Geiger Juicy Reef Eel Cove Jakes Beach Lion Head Cherry Cove 4th of July Cove Isthmus cove Arbor Reef Big Fishermans Cove and the Isthmus High Spot on the Catalina Channel Side of the Island and Pin Rock Catalina Harbor and Catalina Head on the seaward side of the island. The map also indicates that it is great for kayaking .

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