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Frankos Map of L.A. County Surfing If you live in or favor Los Angeles County and its surfing then the L.A. side is side 1 of this map for you and Ventura to Santa Barbara is side 2. If you live in Ventura or Santa Barbara then that side is side 1 of the map and L.A. is side 2. But it is the same map! Since all of the major surf breaks for L.A. could fit neatly on one side of one map and all of the major surf breaks for Ventura County Line all the way to Point Conception in Santa Barbara County could fit on one side of one map I decided to combine the two. This map is like getting two for the price of one. The nature of every notable surf break including the best swell direction size of waves best wind and tide and so forth are detailed. Some spots that have webcams or surf reports are noted. L.A. County Surfing includes everything from the County Line of Ventura around Point Dume past Malibus miracle waves around the Santa Monica Bay to RAT Beach and around the Palos Verdes Peninsula (PV) to the Cabrillo Breakwater. L.A. has its share of great surfing spots and this map details them with a beautiful map showing the descending hues of ocean blue with the Santa Monica Bay never looking so good. The major freeways and roads shown will get you there as well. Favorite surf spots shown include County Line Leo Carrillo State Beach Point Zero Zuma Beach Point Dume Latigo Malibu Topanga Sunset Will Rogers State Beach Santa Monica Venice Beach Sewer Pipe Chevron Reef El Porto Manhattan Beach Hermosa Beach Redondo Breakwater Torrance County Beach The Cove Haggertys Lunada Bay Royal Palms State Beach White Point and Cabrillo Beach. A Los Angeles County Seasonal Overview describes the changing conditions and optimum surfing to be found here throughout the year. Fabulous photos show that L.A. is no less famous for its surfing than any other part of California. Santa Barbara & Ventura County Surfing includes everything from beyond Jalama just beyond Point Conception to the entire Gold Coast of Goleta and Santa Barbara to the famous spots of Ventura County such as Rincon and down around Port Hueneme to the L.A. County line. The Ranch (A.k.a. Bixby/Hollister Ranch) has breaks including Government Point Perkos Cojo St. Augustines Utah Little Daks Drakes and Razor Blades. Working Eastward around the Gold Coast there are surf spots at Point Molino Canyon Tajiguas Refugio State Beach Hazards El Capitan State Beach Eds Naples Coal Oil Point Sands Campus Point Poles Goleta Beach Hope Ranch Hendrys Sandspit Leadbetter Hammonds Miramar Sharks Cove Serena Point Tar Pits Backsides Rincon Mussel Shoals (Little Rincon) Offramps Hobsons Faria County Park Pitas Point Solimar Beach Emma Woods State Beach Ventura Overhead California Street (C Street) New Jetty McGrath State Beach Power Plant Hollywood Beach Silver Strand Port Hueneme Supertubes County Line and Leo Carrillo. If I missed any maybe it should be kept quiet. The shaded relief map of the California Coast along Ventura and Santa Barbara is amazing and this map also shows the Channel Islands off the coast as well as the amazing underwater bathymetry. The colors unmistakably spell out the fact that I love the ocean! There is plenty of surfing to be had in these two counties and a Seasonal Overview describes its ever changing sometimes fickle nature throughout the year. Spots that have webcams or surf reports are noted for such in their individual descriptions. A pair of photos exclaim the surfing enthusiasm of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

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