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Franko’s Isla Mujeres Reef Creatures guide shows you all the places and wildlife that you’ll see on your next trip. This 6″x9″ fish card is waterproof and hole-punched to be attached to your dive gear or neatly stored in your dive log.

Isla Mujeres and its smaller islands have grown up around the coral reefs off Mexico’s Cancun coast. The smaller islands include Isla Chico and Isla Tiburon. The islands are connected by passenger and vehicle ferries to Isla Contoy, Puerto Juarez, Punta Sam, and Cancun.

The islands are surrounded by several wrecks, and each site has become a gathering point for more reef growth and invertebrate formations that attract a large variety of reef creatures. The guide plots the locations of the popular shipwreck sites for snorkeling and wreck diving among the local reefs.

Sites include:
Whale Shark Rocks (Rocas de Tiburon Ballena) Boat dive for scuba or snorkeling. Lucky divers see whale sharks or manta rays.

Cave of the Sleeping Sharks (Cueva de las Tiburones Dormidos) Boat dive for scuba diving among sharks at 65 feet of depth.

Ultrafreeze (El Frio) Boat dive eight miles east for scuba diving on sunken cargo ship at 90-100 feet.

Arrecife de las Barracudas Boat dive for scuba diving to 55 feet.

El Chaeirel Boat dive to shipwreck at 80 feet depth.

Arrecife Tavos Scuba or snorkeling to 30 feet.

Arrecife de Banderas Boat dive for scuba or snorkeling to 30 feet.

El Jiguero Boat or shore dive for scuba or snorkeling at depths of 30-50 feet.

Arrecife Manchones Boat dive for scuba or snorkeling to 30 feet.

Other snorkeling sites include Playa Norte (Coco Beach), Lighthouse Park (Parque de Faro), Underwater Shrine, Playa Lancheros, El Garrafon, Playa Paraiso.

Other popular reefs and beaches include: Playa Norte (Coco Beach), La Cadena Reef, Playa Media Luna, Sea Wall Walk, Playa Paraiso, and Playa Mexico.

Other major attractions of Isla Mujeres include:
Villa Pirata and Dolphin Discovery Interact with amazing dolphins aftre a 20-minute boat ride over the world’s most beautiful turquoise waters from Cancun’s Playa Langosta.

Sea Turtle Farm Sea turtle eggs are collected, incubated and hatched. Then the little turtles are released into the sea by children.

Playa Lancheros Calm snorkeling from shore. Fabulous restaurants serve wonderfully prepared Tikin Xic fish.

The Lighthouse at the southern end of Isla Mujeres sits at the high spot of Quintana Roo at 140 feet.

El Garrafon The famous reef is perfect for snorkeling. Walk to the lighthouse, Mayan ruins, and a sculpture park. Try their zipline ride or bungee jumping.

The Mayan Temple is dedicated to Ixchel, the Goddess of Fertility. These beautiful ruins have been worn by hurricanes.

Hacienda Mundaca In 1858 retired pirate Fermin Mundaca dedicated his fortune to build a home and garden for his beloved 21-year-old “La Triguena” (“The Brunette”). However she ran off with a young man and Mundaca died alone and insane. See his gardens, a small zoo, and his empty grave– with a skull and crossbones marker carved by Mundaca himself.

Other major visitor attractions include Isla Mujeres Centro Plaza, the convention center, Colonia Salinas, Seashell house (Casa Concha), Colonia Gloria, and the marina.

The other side of the guide shows nearly one hundred different species of fish and reef creatures that make their home around the islands. Each is shown in full color, and the waterproof card makes it easy to take along to compare what you’re seeing to the picture and identify all the wildlife.

Reef creatures include:
Arrow crab
Banded butterflyfish
Bar jack
Barred hamlet
Bermuda chub
Bi-color damselfish
Blacktip reef shark
Black durgon
Black grouper
Blue chromis
Blue parrotfish
Blue tang (and juvenile)
Bluehead wrasse
Bluestriped grunt
Brown chromis
Clown wrasse
Coral crab
Creole wrasse
Cushion sea star
Foureye butterflyfish
French angelfish (and juvenile)
French grunt
Glasseye snapper
Gray angelfish (and juvenile)
Great barracuda
Green moray eel
Green razorfish
Green sea turtle
Grey snapper
Hawksbill turtle
Hermit crab
Honeycomb cowfish
Horse-eye jack
Long-spined sea urchin
Longspine squirrelfish
Mahogany snapper
Manta ray
Nurse Shark
Ocean triggerfish
Orange-spotted filefish
Peacock flounder
Princess parrotfish
Queen angelfish (and juvenile)
Queen conch
Queen parrotfish
Queen triggerfish
Rainbow parrotfish
Red hind
Redlip Blenny
Reef butterflyfish
Rock beauty
Sand diver
Sand tilefish
Scrawled filefish
Sea cucumber
Sea horse
Sergeant major
Smooth trunkfish
Southern stingray
Spanish hogfish
Spiny lobster
Spotfin butterflyfish
Spotted drum (and juvenile)
Spotted moray eel
Spotted scorpionfish
Spotted trunkfish
Stoplight parrotfish
Striped burrfish
Tiger grouper
Tobacco fish
Triton’s trumpet
Whale Shark
White grunt
White-spotted eagle ray
White-spotted filefish
Yellowfin damselfish
Yellowhead wrasse
Yellowstriped goatfish
Yellowtail snapper
Nassau Grouper
Fairy basslet
Glassy sweepers
Cleaning goby
Garden eel
Sea anemone
Smooth star
Cozumel splendid toadfish

Reef growths include:
Staghorn coral
Orange sponge
Gorgonian fan
Mountainous star coral
Common sea fan
Yellow tube sponge
Fire coral
Giant brain coral
Branching vase sponge
Sheet coral
Brain coral
Orange tube sponge
Sea rod
Brown tube sponge
Elkhorn coral

Criaturas del Arrecife de Isla Mujeres:
Tiburon ballena
Tortuga de Carey
Tiburon de aletas negras
Raya latigo americana
Concha reina
Tompeta de triton
Congrejo eremito
Pejepuerco cachuo
Calafate negro
Loro guacamayo
Loro azul
Pez angel reina
Pez angel gris
Jaqueta colirrubia
Pez angel frances
Mariposa de arrecife
Isabelita medioluto
Mariposa bandeada
Doncella criolla
Ronco margarietno
Chapin baqueta
Chucho pintado
Peja perro
Pargo prieto
Vaca manchado
Pargo dienton
Doncella payaso
Doncella verde
Loro perico
Cojinuda carbonera
Loro viejo
Mero criollo
Cuna Gata
Pejepuerco del mar
Cherna cabrilla
Petaca rayada
Pargo dienton
Vaca Machada
Mariposa amarilla
Carite chinigua
Chapin pintado
Picuda barracuda
Obispo manchado
Catalufa de roca
Lija manchado
Gallo azul
Torito de panal
Jurel ojon
Rascacio Negro
Chopa blanca
Castaneta marron
Castaneta azul
Anguila jardinera
Limpiador gobio
Ronco jeniguano
Lija pintada
Morena pintada
Morena verde
Blenico atlantico
Chochi amarilla
Grama real
Congrejo de coral
Cabalito de mar
Candil soldado
Cirujano azul
Esponja marron
Estrella de mar
Raya pintada
Pez globo
Jaqueta coliblanca
Pez ardilla
Congrejo aflechado
Doncella criolla
Erizo rayado
Pez sapo esplendido
Erizo negro de mer
Ronco amarillo
Anemona de mar
Mariposa de cuatro ojas
Pez lagerto
Salmonete amarillo
Tiburon nodriza
Lenguado pavon

Coral orejon
Esponja cesta
Barra de mar
Coral cerebro
Coral laminado
Esponja del jarron
Coral cerebro gigante
Coral liso estrellado
Coral de fuego
Esponja pintada
Esponja anaranjada
Coral Candelabro
Abanico de gorgonaceo


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