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Franko’s Florida Mini Map and Coral Reef Creatures Identification Guide

I love Florida having first visited on official government business on a trip to Fort Walton Beach around 1992. I’ve also attended the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show DEMA dive shows at Miami and Orlando Biscayne National Park Everglades National Park the Florida Keys from end to end plus I’ve drive east-to-west and north to south across the state. That means that I am just getting started in knowing this fabulous state.

After years of thinking about making Franko Map products for the great State of Florida I finally put together a Florida mini-map and coral reef creatures identification guide which shows a beautiful map of Florida on side 1 and a wonderful array of over 100 species of coral reef creatures on side 2.

I love every part of Florida that I have explored so far – from the Gulf Coast’s incredibly white sand to the beautiful beach-front condominiums in Fort Lauderdale and Miami to the very end of the Overseas Highway where I’ve looks out to sea from the Southernmost Point in the Continental United States and Key West. After I explored and dived the Florida Keys and made a map and fish identification guide for the The Conch Republic it was only right to do the same for the entire great State of Florida. This is one of my most beautiful products because the green State of Florida sits against a a sea showing the descending hues of the undersea bathymetry. The undersea contours of the Florida Plateau and the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Continental Shelf the Florida Straights and the Bahama Banks on the other is a most interesting and visually powerful way to depict Florida.

It was an idea that worked! The map side (side 1) of this 6×9 card is a beautiful mini map showing the State of Florida with the main roads and cities and dozens of Florida’s most prominent dive locations including both coasts the Florida Keys and many of the famous springs that are unique to Florida. Having visited and gone out on diving boats as well as snorkeling and kayaking in a variety of Florida spots I can understand why so many people have urged me to do Florida. Florida could be called the diving capital of the world. The number of sites and the accessibility makes Florida this THE world-class diving and snorkeling destination.

I love the Florida. The coral reef creatures side of this map (side 2) is similar to my Caribbean reef creatures guides since in general they share the same array of coral reef creatures including corals and sponges. I show over 100 species on this waterproof Florida Keys Coral Reef Creatures Identification Guide. Note on side 2 that the heading says Florida Coral Reef Creatures plus it says in Spanish Criaturas Del Arrecife De Florida. Whenever I’ve visited Florida I couldn’t help but notice just as I do in California that a large number of visitors residents and workers were speaking Spanish. In other areas where I have produced maps and reef creature identification guides (such as St. Croix U.S. Virgin Islands Cozumel Mexico) I made my products bilingual. In fact even my Guam fish card is bilingual with Japanese and English and I have a French-English custom reef creature card for French Polynesia. It seems only right that I show the names of all of these creatures (criaturas) in both English and Espa ol. Special thanks to my daughter who teaches Spanish for helping with the translations and accents.

I hope this enables even more people to love the coral reef creatures of Florida. It is also interesting to me personally to learn the names of fish in Spanish. Now when I dive I look at certain fish and I say their name in English and Spanish. On my Hawaiian fish identification guides I put the names of all of the fish there in Hawaiian as well as English. Now when I see fish when I’m diving there I automatically think of the Hawaiian name. The locals there like that. I hope all will appreciate that these species which are common all over the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico as well are to be admired and loved in all languages.

I love Florida’s coral reef creatures. I would also like to point out a creature that I could not help but place on this map and that is the manatee (manati). I love the manatee (as does everyone). What a wonderful and special creature Florida has! The manatee is a great representative of the love and respect that I hope to inspire with my Florida maps and coral reef creatures identification guides.

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