Curacao Reef Creatures Guide (Mini-map and Fish Card)

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Curacao is the middle island geographically in the ABCs islands a part of the Netherlands Antilles. It is an exciting stop for millions of cruise ship passengers and many of them love to get out to snorkel or scuba dive in Curacaos long line of beaches down its leeward side. Curacaos beautiful warm waters and rich reefs play host to a billion tropical reef creatures. This fish card consists of a great little Frankos mini-map on side one to show the long skinny green island of Curacao as it sits on the blue Caribbean Sea. Curacaos main roads and towns plus major landmarks and hills can be seen. 66 Curacao scuba and snorkeling sites are located on the map. The beaches that are good for just hanging out are also shown. Side two is where 100 plus Caribbean reef creatures are depicted. Curacaos common tropical fishes include butterflyfishes wrasses damselfishes to parrot fishes rays grunts snappers and even a seahorse. A sampling of tropical Caribbean invertebrates of Curacao are shown too including the lobster coral crab black sea cucumber and cushion sea star corals and sponges. The vivid colors of this Curacao fish card might just knock your socks off. When you get to Curacao the beauty will definitely knock your socks right off so just wear sandals! Dont forget to take your Frankos fish card along so you can know what you are seeing when you scuba dive or snorkel amongst Curacaos famous tropical reefs.

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